Time Limit campaign

In Britain there is a law which places a time limit on disclosure by abuse survivors. The law at present is 3 years for negligence and 6 years for assault. For children time runs out at age 18 which gives them until 21 and 24 to disclose. There is no time limit on Nazi war criminals or anyone else accused of war crimes. Many survivors of physical and sexual abuse are unable to talk about the abuse let alone go through the process of disclosure 10, 20 years after the abuse. Some may never get to a place where they can speak publicly about the abuse. If and when they do, they need to know that proper support is available which they can fully trust. Trust is the big thing in abuse, because it takes away your trust of people. The closer the abuser is the greater the loss of trust and if the abuser is a family member the intimidation can continue long after the abuse stops.

There is a campaign to change the law which can be signed here.

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