Another 3 gay men convicted in Cameroon

3 gay men were convicted in a Cameroon court and sentenced to six months hard labour after already spending 6 months awaiting trial. Their lawyer Alice Nkom stated that “None of these people were caught in homosexual act, so the court cannot condemn them for something they never did”. Ms Nkom has defended a number of similar cases over the past 2 years in Cameroon. In June 2006, 9 men were eventually freed after spending one year awaiting trial. The case against the men was actually dropped in May but the judge refused to release the men leaving them in prison for a further one month.

In March last year another man was finally released from prison after two years waiting for a trial that never happened – the Government had no evidence against the man and there were no files on record.


Unspoken Facts published by GALZ [Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe]

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