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I find myself Black Looks, including all those who have contributed to this blog over the past 12 months especially Annie, Kym, Kameelah, I miss you all and Rethabile, is listed amongst a community of brilliant nominees for this award by A Creative Revolution– women who have never taken the easy road and for whom “Silence is not an option”. We all know how hard it is to continue blogging month after month when many times you feel like giving up then something happens and the rage sets in and you have to speak again. But for me, more than anything it has been the community of women of colour, never failing the their support and sense of sisterhood towards each other. Something that I have not felt from any other part of the blogosphere including my own. To name just a few: La Chola (BrownFemiPower); AngryBlackBitch; Racialious; My Private Casbah; abyss2hope: A rape survivor’s zigzag journey into the open and Questioning Transphobia;

Two blogs missing from the nominees is “Dark Daughter” and her blog “one tenacious baby mama” and if it was up to me she would be the winner of this and a bunch of other awards that she never gets nominated for CORRECTION: SHE IS AMONGST THE NOMINEES IN ANOTHER CATEGORY SO CHECK OUT HER BLOG – and my young sista friend, Kameelah Writes

Note: Voting starts on the 15th.


NB: The South African blog awards are now up for nomination at: SA Blog Awards

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  1. Prole
    Prole at ·

    Hello, thanks so much for posting about this! Just to let you know, one tenacious baby mama has been nominated for a bunch of F-word awards. She wasn’t eligible for the International category because she lives in Canada, but she has several other nominations including Best Canadian Feminist Blog.


  2. Dave Lucas
    Dave Lucas at ·

    Sokari & Friends: Happy Valentines Day!

  3. darkdaughta
    darkdaughta at ·

    Hey Sokari,
    Thanks for the nod. I told them I wanted to be nominated in the international category so I could play with the amerikkkan bloggers on a flattened playing field. It would have been…satisfying. 🙂

    I’m barbadian by birth, Prole. I live in kkkanada. None of us are kkkanadian. Only the Native people belong there by land right.

    From where you’re sitting in blogland, thanks for the nod. Much appreciated.

  4. kameelah
    kameelah at ·

    thanks sokari!!!!

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