What do vegans eat?

I am now Vegan – phew I have finally spoken the words in a public space. Am sweating from the admittance not because there is anything negative about being a Vegan, on the contrary I feel quite proud that I am no longing consuming animal bits. But a certain commitment comes with public admissions. I have to say though my veganism does not extend to me throwing away my shoes and leather jacket – I mean I have them so I might as well wear them. I was watching K D Lang when someone from the audience asked why she performs barefoot. “I’m vegan” she replied and went on to explain about the ugliness of plastic shoes. But what about the drums in the band are they not made of animal skins? I need help on that one but maybe I am only a “food vegan“?

Actually being vegan today is a lot easier than I thought and I have discovered some delicious foods and a few pretty disgusting ones. Loads of veggies and soya everything – tofu, flavored tofu, dried soya chunks and mince, tasty spicy soya pates, soya “fish” cakes, soya burgers the list is endless and of course Linda McCartney helps if you are in fast food mode. The only thing I miss is honey and cheap chocolate like bounty and crunchy bars.

It’s Saturday morning and sad as it is, I’m reading vegan blogs. From VegHaven which gives you a starter kit in case you haven’t a clue what to eat, is a Vegan/Vegetarian social networking site and no I am not joining. A Veggie Adventure has recipes like stir fried brown rice which might well send your stomach into free fall! VeganKid who I met as the USSF and whose report about plans to grow meat plants was probably the first time I started to think Vegan. Deep Roots Animal Sanctury also written by Vegan Kid is an animal rights blog. Which brings me to Zami. Do I have the right to deprive her of the dried meaty dog food she loves and turn her into a vegan dog? Even worse, no more cow hide bones to chew.


I want my bones back!