Why? O Val

Why? O Val

That your virtuous immortal celebration

Should be viciously celebrated by mortals.

That this day, revered for kindness, love and joy

Should be tainted with infidelity, deceit and sadness

Why? O Valentine

Should men become philanderers overnight

And infidel spouses?

Engage in unlawful rendezvous with concubines

In the pretext of “being rooted in the line of duty”

All in your name?

Why? O Valentine

Should lovers seize this day

To seek new love

To quench their lustful desires

With new found loves?

Leaving old loves “history”

All in your name?

Why? O Valentine

Should daughters of Eve use this day

To covet all bounties that can be acquired

By tagging LOVE for sale

All in your name?

This day O Valentine

That should be filled with happiness,

Kindness unto strangers,

Joy unto the needy,

Budding love strengthened amore by lovers,

Vowed love toned up by spouses,

Doted love reassured by parents to children.

Yet the reverse seems to be.

All loose on morals,

Uncaring of the consequences.

“I love you” fills the air this day,

“It’s over,” claims the morrow.

A love savoured in lust today,

Has broken a waiting heart somewhere.

O Valentine

Did you live your tenure this way on earth?

Surely your legend portrays not

These immorals that I see

Adultery, Infidelity, Incest

Has usurped your reign.

A lover has grown a false tongue

And betrayed a faithful love.

A spouse, an infidel,

And broken a thriving home.

This day of humanity, love

Genuine love O Valentine,

Now polluted with these

To kill your honour.

“Love is in the air” is always the slogan.

Yet if men were gods,

To see the vices,

That lay beneath this virtue.

Why? O Valentine

Should your feast

Spring forth melancholy

This day of merriment?

Why? O Valentine