Eudy Simelane: Another lesbian raped and murdered

Once again another lesbian has been raped, tortured and murdered in South Africa on Monday 28th April. Sizakele Sisgasa and Salome Masooa were tortured and murdered just 10 months ago. Since then lesbians, gays and transsexuals across the continent – Nigeria, Uganda, Senegal and Cameroon, have been attacked and beaten and arrested for simply living their sexuality.

Five young men have been arrested in connection with the rape and brutal murder of Eudy Simelane (31), a former Banyana-Banyana soccer player, and an out lesbian. Her body was found stabbed and mutilated in an open field in Tornado – one of the sections in the Kwa-Thema township, on Monday the 28 April.


The 777 campaign to end hate crimes against LGBTs will be pressurizing the government for a conviction of the suspects of the murder and rape and have already petitioned the courts to deny the suspects bail. The bail hearing is on th 5th of May.

Gays and lesbians are men and women, human beings who deserve equal rights and treatment not to be ridiculed or called names, beaten, tortured, raped or killed. These gross human rights violations are not just inhuman and barbaric – they must not be tolerated! Sizakele and Salomes killers, like everyone else, HAD NO RIGHT TO THREATEN OR KILL THEM!!

Violence against lesbians and gays is unSouth African. Here, oppression and discrimination have no place, still there are parents who reject or kick children out to the streets; siblings, friends and communities who hurt, beat, rape, torture and even kill lesbians and gays. If they survive all this, they face further victimisation at in the hands of the police and even the courts THIS IS NOT JUSTICE AT ALL. People who inflict harm upon and even kill lesbians and gays (or anyone else) do not belong in South Africa. Leaders and communities that do not oppose violence against gays, lesbians, women, children, rape survivors and HIV+ people do not belong here.

“Eudy Simelane, a cherished daughter, a friend, an ardent soccer lover, a SAFA referee, and an unrelenting activist. will be laid to rest on Sunday the 4th May 2007.”