Umoja in Paris

“Du 4 au 8 juin 2008 pour une série limitée de représentations, nous vous présentons ce spectacle événement !

Fabuleux, éclatant, irrésistible, ce spectacle musical sud-africain venu tout droit de Johannesburg est un pur bonheur.

UMOJA, en zoulou, signifie « ensemble ». Ensemble, chaque soir, sur les scènes du monde entier, 35 artistes retracent l’histoire artistique, fascinante et passionnée, des territoires sud-africains. Un voyage musical vibrant d’émotions, aux couleurs et aux rythmes africains qui vous aspire dans un tourbillon d’énergie créative !

The South African Hit Musical is in Paris. It’ll be at the Folies Bergere (32, rue Richer, 75009 Paris) from 4 to 8 June, 2008. The entrance fee is from 35€ to 45€. The show’s website has additional information. says, and I quote, “24 countries have already embraced UMOJA, as they showcase traditional love songs, lullabies and other musical expressions of rural life. The audience has also cried along in the city streets, listening to music reflecting the pain of the migrant labourers and their families.

The tale dances through shebeens and the cultural melting-pot of Sophiatown. The heart is saddened by cold stories of forced removals yet the feet continue to stomp along with the explosions of gumboot dancing. There are also the reminiscent sounds of the vibrant jazz that forced its way free from the constraints of the times.

The audiences will relate to names such as Miriam Makeba (Mama Africa) and the late Dolly Radebe, while a thread of gospel music running through the tale recalls the huge helpings of faith and courage. This saw black South Africans through some of the country’s stormiest historical passages,” unquote. [more…]