The road to happiness is long – could be thousands of miles, if you persevere you may get there, BUT


Perils of lies will await you on the roadside, watch your front and back, turn sideways and round in a circle. Look to the sky, this is the home of ancestors with their eyes of ten thousand splendid suns watching over you.

Beware of “enemies” in the shape of “friends”, you have to look INSIDE and walk on your toes……… Take chances but be wise and watch watch watch.


At the end of the thousands of miles you walked to find happiness, you may find the land is not so sweet, the people not so welcoming. Too late, dear child you cannot go home, not yet at any rate. Dont take off your shoes because you will have to run and run damn fast. When you do, just keep looking to the sky.


Thanks to Lance for his drawings which always stretch the imagination.