Action alert: putting the pressure on Mugabe

Sokwanele are calling supporters to take action against Austrian company : Jura JSP

ACTION: We are calling on all our supporters and subscribers today to phone, email and write to Jura JSP and ask them to withdraw the software licence from the Zimbabwean government on the grounds that the cash they print has been used to primarily support a campaign of terror, and on the grounds that preferential treatment is given to the armed forces when it comes to accessing cash…………Continued

Please read the post and instructions on Sokwanele and know that everyone can make a difference as was shown in last month’s campaign against the German company, Giesceke & Devrient………… calling for an end to the “Bavarian blood-money” flowing into Zimbabwe by taking action against German comapany Giesecke & Devrient. The support of bloggers and readers from across the world was a success as the German firm stopped shipping bank notes to Zimbabwe.

What you can do:

Jura JSP is a small company so if we can accumulate as many contact details as possible we can contact individuals directly. Please seek out details and submit them via our form here and we will add them to our database.

* Write to, or telephone, Jura JSP.

* Contact the Austrian and Hungarian media to make sure they are aware of what is happening in Zimbabwe and how software originating from their nations is helping to support it.
* Targetted sanctions against the Zimbabwean government have recently been reviewed by the EU so Zimbabwe is fresh in their minds. Write to European leaders about the responsibility of European companies, and the questionable ethics of their actions. Ask them to review the subject of trade sanctions to include Jura JSP’s software licence to print bloodmoney.
* Write to the press and point out the relationship between the Governer of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and JOC [a reminder of that relatinship can be found here in our Giesecke & Devrientpost here [link].

* If you see an article appearing in a newspaper in your country, discussing the Jura JSP connection to Zimbabwe, respond to it: send a letter to the editor and make him or her aware that this is a topical and important issue. We will add links relevant articles in this post.

* Contact your local MPs and your local press as well.
* If you’re a European citizen, write to your MEP. Find your MEP here -link (please send us links to other resources like this one for other parts of the world).