Ethnicity is not solely race, nor vice versa…..

Marian Douglas-Ungaro with some very provocative thoughts on the nomination and possible presidency of Barack Obama….. her view may not be a popular mainstream one but it is an important one and at least encourages a debate away from the cultist mass worship of “Obamatronics” which is gathering momentum in Africa, the Americas and Caribbean………..

Speaking for myself, one of the two most disturbing facts about the U.S. presidential election of November 2008 is that so many folks – even folks who’ve never set foot in the United States, are not U.S. citizens, and have never suffered as 3rd, 4th & 5th class Americans on U.S. soil – are so geared up to “elect themselves a black president.” Yet they either have no clue or absolutely do not care that the person who’s been put forth is not a descendant of any of the millions of OUR Black American families whose ancestors were physically and genetically bred (as prized “slaves”), and lived and died in this “fair land of milk, honey and money,” all the while sharing the same legal status as horses and cows. That long history has marked this country, and it forged the Black American people, as slavery did the entire Afrodescendant population of the Americas, three hundred million-strong today. And yet in 2008, to the best of my knowledge, in any non-majority-Black country of the Americas, and in spite of our history which pre-dates the countries established and built up around us, not one of these descendants will be elected president of her or his land.