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South Africa is the only safe zone in Africa for LGBTI but how welcome are asylum seekers?

SA IS one of only seven countries in the world that grants refugee status on the basis of sexual orientation. But people seeking that relief are battling as much as other refugees in the country.

Asylum in Greece Campaign ..

The “LESS THAN 1%” comes from the ACTUAL number of successful asylum applications here. All design suggestions are very welcome. Please note: I will not be using this particular photograph because I don’t have copyright. Suggestions for images are also very welcome.

Sexworkers in Cambodia fight back against illegal status

Sex workers in Cambodia have fought against the 100% Condom Use Program and the abuses associated with it for many years……..Now Cambodia has a new anti-trafficking law which makes all sex work illegal, and where sex workers can be sent for mandatory rehabilitation…………Cambodian Sex Worker groups and APNSW have fought against both of these abusive systems. This film shows the human rights abuses inherent in both approaches.