“An everyday psychopathic murder”.

This is a story of the hundred of thousands invisible people – the “illegals” who feed the underbelly of Britain. Apparently there are up to 200,000 Chinese undocumented slave workers in Britain and god knows how many from other countries in Africa, Asia and South America.

Xiao Mei Guo was a 29 year old Chinese woman murdered for the fun of it because no one would bother to ask where she was or report her missing.

One day in August last year, a man called Derek Brown approached Xiao and offered to buy a large batch of DVDs if she agreed to come to his flat to prove they worked. She followed him. Nobody ever saw her again. He had bragged to a friend that he was going to become a “famous” serial killer, and so he came here, to Jack the Ripper’s old stomping ground.

The court — which reached a guilty verdict this week — was told that Brown picked out Xiao because “nobody would miss her”. She was an “illegal”. She had no rights. She was part of the moneyless shadow-world that swirls around the rich world, unpoliced and unprotected.

Like so many undocumented people, Xiao Mei Guo used to sell DVD’s. All over Europe there are the DVD sellers. In Spain Senegalese men, in France too there are Senegalese and other West Africans. Here in London it is mainly Chinese women and a few men. I think of the film “Dirty Little Pretty Things” and wonder how many of the invisible people go missing and end up as someone’s liver or kidney. Nobody ever looks at these people. In Spain I used to watch as the DVD sellers work the bars and streets and even when people bought the DVDs, I noticed they never ever looked at the men. The plastic DVD’s were more visible than the men selling them. I never bought DVDs in Spain but I have bought them here and I cant remember ever looking at the person I bought from.