Something fishy about Somali pirates

All the media hype around the $100 million crude oil tanker seajacked by Somalia “pirates” – I just cannot find anything within me to remotely sympathise with the cargo, it’s owner and owners and the crew are just as much victims of exploitation as workers everywhere if not more. Knowing there is a super story to the one being hyped – the other Somali pirates who aren’t actually Somali but those that plunder the seas around Somalia for fish and when they are not doing that they are busy dumping toxic waste into the same seas.

Somebody needs to guard Somali’s water resources, but it certainly isn’t the Americans. The U.S. Fifth Fleet, of the U.S. Navy’s Central Command, patrols the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean – Somalia’s neighborhood. It also bombs Somalis that resist the Ethiopian occupation and targets people the U.S. claims have ties to Al Qaida. But the American fleet does little to interfere with the illegal dumping of radioactive waste in Somali waters or any other crimes against the environment and Somalia’s national treasure and sovereignty.

Via Marian’s blog