Western media and lazy African reporting

We very rarely hear about Hausa writers let alone Hausa women writers. Here Hausa novelist Sa’adatu Baba is interviewed on CNN. However Talatu-Carmen tells us the translations leave much to be desired and once again assumptions are made about religion and traditions. It’s so easy for CNN and other media to report Africa in this way as no one ever challenges their mistakes or if they do they just don’t give a damn.!

It’s thrilling to see Hausa writing featured on international news, but I wish the problems with censorship weren’t simplified down to sound bites like “conflict with Muslim tradition.” (It’s also a bit funny to hear things translated–when the translation sounds very different from what the person was saying….)

Via Abubuwan da naki tunani

This kind of lazy reporting is also evident in the reports on the riots in Jos. Instead of acknowledging the complexities of such conflicts, they reduce every African conflict to “ethnic” or “religious” differences. – see here and here. Just possibly like people elsewhere in the world, could it not have something to do with people getting pissed off at being disenfranchised and cheated out of their votes? This is not to justify the violence but to consider the possible causes such as why the need to rig votes? Who wins and who looses out. Resources are scarce and the poor are set against each other by actions such as vote rigging.