South Africa sides with anti LGBTI rights in UN declaration

South Africa along with the US sided with the usual anti-same sex equality suspects in the recent UN declaration to decriminalize homosexuality.

It is rather disconcerting that the only country in Africa to show support for equality and human rights chose to ignore calls by LGBTQI groups and the weight of conscience applied by voices from around the civilized world. They ignored the issue as if it never existed.

While this UN declaration carries no legally binding implications for the governments who ratified it, the choice to not support it simply adds to the repugnance of the South African government’s emerging disdain for its own non-heterosexual citizens.

Here they had an ideal opportunity to stand up for justice, equality and all the things that make our country a beacon of light in the dark mass of ignorance and unjust persecution on the continent. It could allowed us to speak as a voice of reason in the face of institutionalised bigotry and despotism.

Instead they chose to stand with the human rights abusers and deliver a resounding slap in the face of not only every LGBTQI citizen of South Africa – but to every LGBTQI person in the world.

It is therefore a major concern to us which path South Africa will be following after the 2009 elections. Considering the homophobic utterances of Mr Zuma and his cronies, the concerns of gay citizens in South Africa now seem validated, even compounded by this disgrace.