Abandoning Martin Luther King on 80th anniversary of his birth


Amidst all the post racial nonsense floating around the world it is not surprising the Martin Luther King’s birthday got a bit lost in the hooray hoorar. And hear this in a show of cowardly ignorance and an “Abandonment of Kings Legacy” the Congressional Black Caucus votes to absolve Israel “for its crimes against humanity in Gaza” and lay the blame solely on Hamas.

It’s hard to believe that a generation ago, the Congressional Black Caucus was known as “the conscience of the congress, a political and moral high ground long deserted by the current CBC, which has utterly collapsed under Israel-lobby pressure for the second time in three years.

All but two Black lawmakers voted either “Yes” or “Present” on a Resolution that absolved Israel for its crimes against humanity in Gaza – placing all blame on Hamas. In 2006, only two Black Caucus members opposed a Resolution supporting Israel’s savage destruction if Lebanon’s infrastructure and the killing of 1,000 people. Hypocritically turning their backs both on Black public opinion and on the work of Dr. King, whose name they invoke at every public opportunity, the CBC has put itself “out of the anti-war business,” and well outside the mainstream of Black opinion on the Israel-Palestine question Continued