Writing Queer Kenya

Writing Queer Kenya is an anthology of stories by Kenyan LGBTI to be published in December 2009. The book will be edited by: Keguro Macharia and Angus Parkinson

We lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex individuals, in
a word, queers, have had the distinct un-pleasure of being told we
don’t exist–in official government statements, historical documents,
and contemporary statements. Well, we do.

We want Kenyan stories by Kenya-based and Kenya-born queers. About
everything. We want writing about the dailyness of our lives, the
good, the bad, the weird, the indifferent. If you have lived it, we
want to hear about it. We especially want to reach beyond Nairobi,
Mombasa, and other cities to all corners of the country. And we know
the rest of Kenya, Africa, and the world wants to hear these stories
as well.


We have three distinct formats. Choose what appeals to you.

1. Interviews: Tell us your story. Get in touch with us and we’ll
arrange an interview. We value your time and your confidentiality.
Not sure you want to meet us directly? We have phones and email and
all manner of ways to make this happen.
2. Letters to Kenya: Write (or unearth) a 500-1,000-word letter.
To whom? Parents, pastors, the government, best friends, former
friends, present lovers, former lovers, the person you really want to
tune. Get personal, get intimate. Say what you really want to say!
3. Personal narratives: Write (or unearth) a 2,500-3,000-word
narrative about the dailyness of being queer. The high points, low
points, the endless plateaus, the quick glances, indrawn breaths of
desire, domestic thrills, sexual boredom, beginnings and endings. If
you write it, we’ll consider it.

All submissions should be typed, double-spaced, and submitted
electronically to queerkenya@gmail.com. If you can’t type, don’t want
to, or can’t get hold of an email program that functions, get in
touch with us. We can help.

How You Can Contribute

1. Get the word out. Convince your friends with hidden manuscripts
or stories that must be shared to un-closet them.
2. Send us encouraging emails. We need your good wishes, your
fabulously good wishes.
3. Volunteer time! We need all the help we can get.
4. Take ownership. We’re editing, sure, but these are our
collective stories.

Important Dates

April 30, 2009: Deadline to Receive Submissions
June 30, 2009: Selected Contributors Contacted
Publication: December 2009.

Questions? We’re glad to answer. Please contact us at
queerkenya at gmail dot com