Behind the Mirror: documenting challenges faced by Ugandan LGBTI

Frank Mugisha, Ugandan LGBTI activist

Frank Mugisha, Ugandan LGBTI activist

IndieGoGo is a social network connecting film makers and fans to produce independent film. The site provides film makers with the resources to pitch their projects whilst fans can their choose which ones they wish to support and how. One of the present projects is “Behind The Mirror”, a documentary on Ugandan LGBTI activists.

In this documentary we will investigate and advocate for responses to the many challenges faced by the LGBTI community in Uganda. This documentary will feature testimonies of LGBTI Ugandans, about their struggle to survive and to comprehend their sexual orientation, in a very hostile and homophobic society. Among those featured in the documentary will be members of the various LGBTI communities in Uganda.

The documentary will address many issues: confronting healthcare discrimination of LGBTI communities; why, when and how to ‘come out’; understanding of the transmission and prevention of HIV/AIDS, reaching out to MSM (men who have sex with men) to seek out their voices, painting a clear picture to the world on what responses have been undertaken to eliminate HIV/AIDS within the LGBTIcommunities in Uganda, as well as the constraints in executing these responses within the LGBTI communities.

Thanks to Scarlett Lion, Liberia