This is my Africa –

This is my Africa is a documentary project by Zina Saro-Wiwa founder of [Africa Lab] in which she aims to improve the way the world sees Africa and to highlight African cultural products.

In “expressions” we are presented with clips of idiomatic expressions from various parts of the continent – one very familiar one is the Nigerian expression of dismissal, “Look at you, idiot”, followed by a long sucking of teeth (how do you write that?) and a dismissive hand. I wonder if other countries have similar expressions of belittling?

Unfortunately, and I cant understand why, embedding the 2 minute video clip in which people are asked to imagine Africa in 2060, has been disabled so to view click here.

The best answer:

“I’d like it to be anarchic, bohemian, fun….I’m looking for the anarchy people use as forms of self-expression. Not the anarchy thats imposed on them not the lawless stuff, the anarchy of the imagination. “

Via ArtSpeakAfrica