Zimbabwe mourns…yet again

This post was sent to me by a friend in Zimbabwe who must remain anonymous for obvious reasons. The commentary refers to the recent accident in which head of the MDC and Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai’s wife was killed in car crash.

Yet another car accident? Yet another death? Yet another bereaved family? More pain? More sorrow? More orphans? More widows and widowers? Yes; people ask multiple questions but one stands out…was it an accident?

Was it a planned incident!!!<

Zimbabwe has ‘laid to rest’ heroes and friends. Countless; in numbers. To mention a few Zororo Duri, Peter Pamire, Herbert Mahlaba, Border Gezi, Moven Mahachi and most recently Elliott Manyika. In terms of their party structures these were very ‘young’ men. They were all enthusiastic, zealous, energetic (after all they were young) and ambitious. They could have been successors to the presidency. They could be threats to ‘older’ members of the party who had long awaited promotions which never came. So it was a simple decision … get rid of them and pave the way to the same positions these youngsters occupied!

Today Zimbabwe mourns the death of a dignified woman; a wonderful wife, a true African woman and a loving mother – Susan Tsvangirai, wife to the recently sworn in Prime Minister of Zimbabwe; Morgan Tsvangirai who died in a somewhat mysterious accident on Friday the 6th of March 2009. Few times she spoke but when she did the words that proceeded from her mouth were filled with wisdom and intelligence. What did she ever do to deserve to die this way? Was her crime that of being wife to a man who wants to see Zimbabweans getting food, proper health care, access to resources for the improvement of their standard of life, proper education, proper sanitation, jobs, safe housing, clean water and a whole lot more? Was her crime that she was his solace in all the times he was unlawfully arrested and detained and mistreated on baseless charges of treason, terror, banditry blah blah blah?

They say they do not suspect foul play because the truck that the Prime Minister’s car was involved with in the accident belongs to USAID. CD number plates are for the diplomats, yes. TCE number plates could be for any employee within the American agency, American or Zimbabwean, or of any other nationality. People have been bought before and they have agreed to be part of evil plans…could this have been one of those instances???

Just last week the Prime Minister stood in the August House of Parliament and delivered his inaugural speech, a powerful, spirited and inspirational delivery to the broken and dejected population of Zimbabwe. See HERE

He was on his way to hold a rally for the first time as Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, in his home town. One can not begin to imagine the impact this kind of gathering was going to have in his community as well as in the whole country. It is no wonder then it was stopped before it had blown out. We stand and watch and pray that justice, true justice shall be delivered against those behind this by a higher power than us humans!