Nigeria postpones ending gas flaring yet again

Imagine this burning in your back yard!


The Nigerian government has once again extended the deadline to end gas flaring…Gas flaring is the burning of the natural gas that is produced on the surface during the production process. The flares are either blown off in the sky or in giant sized low level pits on the ground and are in the midst of villages and farmland. They burn gas that produces huge flames and toxic gases. This latest postponement is one in a series from December last year’s deadline which was preceded by a 2007 deadline and the original flare-out date of 1984. For a full report on the impact of toxic flares see ERA

Shell won’t stop gas flaring- emitting toxins from Shell Guilty on Vimeo.

Via Shell Guilty Vimeo

These constant postponements are absolutely unacceptable. Gas flaring must stop. Shell Guilty are calling for an International Week of Action:
Here are 3 ways you can make a difference:

1. Take the e-mail action to Shell CEO, Jeroen van der Veer. Before he retires this summer, van der Veer can choose a legacy of devastation or progress. Urge him to make the right choice by ending gas flaring in Nigeria. Visit this link to take action:

2. Tuesday 19th May: Come to the Shell AGM in London. As shareholders gather to review their profits, we will be highlighting Shell’s ongoing abuses in Nigeria and beyond. Assemble at the Barbican tube station entrance at 8.30am. The performance-protest will last until around 10am. Email if you plan to come along.

3. The DIY option: we can help you create your own action, wherever you are. Get in touch with us for leaflets, stickers, campaign materials and ideas. Email Richard: richard AT remembersarowiwa DOTcom, or call +442073570055. And send us your pictures!

Also please sign the petition to stop gas flaring