For the fifth year running, Pambazuka News has been selected as one of
25 finalist nominations in the ‘Top 10 Who Are Changing the World of
Internet and Politics’ competition.

Whether it’s Kenya’s electoral crisis or the mass killings in Darfur,
Pambazuka News is the source of authentic voices of Africa’s social
activists and analysts – a platform for voices that challenge
mainstream perceptions and biases. Published in English, French and
Portuguese and with a readership of over 500,000, Pambazuka comprises
a social network of more than 1,500 academics, activists, women’s
rights campaigners, bloggers, artists and commentators who together
produce insightful and thoughtful analyses that make it one of the
most innovative and influential sites for social justice in Africa.

Winning this award would be a tribute to all the many contributors who
have made Pambazuka News essential reading for all concerned with the
cause of justice and freedom in Africa.

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Pambazuka News – Changing the World of Internet and Politics