Scammers targeting gay men in Ghana & Kenya

Emerging gay chat sites in Ghana are being used to trap MSM by luring them into isolated spaces with promises of sex. The men are then either blackmailed or assaulted by the “fake gays”.

This always starts with visits to the internet in search of love on dating websites, without suspecting that the alluring profiles on most of the sites are fake.

Easy Track Ghana suspects that the majority of these profiles are fake:

On international gay chat sites, there are a disproportionate number of young men from Ghana professing to search for true love. Many people get excited when first reading all the lovely gay profiles professing a search for romantic love. Well, none of it is true! Let us be direct and say that 98% of these guys online do not rank above a 3 on the Kinsey Scale of Human Sexuality. Only a small 2% of the guys on these gay chat sites are ‘gay’ in the sense you think of it in the West.

An excellent and inspiring example of the African LGBTI being proactive and fighting back,  is a blog, Gay dating scams in Ghana” which has  been set up with the aim of “outing” the scammers including in some cases, their photos such as this one below.   They also provide tips on how to recognise the fake gays and how to protect oneself.

Ben has recently deleted all his profiles claiming people are using them to scam! Hmmmmm….I think you deleted them cause we caught you! Anyway keep your eyes open in case he starts again…..He used to be fuckingass4u on gayromeo and gaydar.

There are doubts whether Ben
is really gay or not. For example, on a discussion about what attracts white women to black men at Topix (user name ‘seriously seeking’), he writes:  “am a gentle,honest,sexy ,romantic black guy seeking for a white woman to be with for the rest of my life,,,”
In his gay identity he wrote to one of our undercover investigators:
“i have been in this game all my lif
have lots of whites who we can tackle them massively..but now want to hit real big money…..Continued.

GALCK of Kenya also reports the growing number of scammers involved in blackmailing MSMs and have including a hotline for anyone who may have been blackmailed because of their sexual orientation.

Have you ever been blackmailed because of your sexual orientation, or know someone who has? GALCK would like to establish the true cost of being Gay in Kenya. Blackmail and extortion are the twin crimes that afflict the LGBTI community in Kenya today, but majority of the cases are never reported. By compiling this report we shall be able to establish the extent and total cost of what we have paid to “keep the silence.”  From the stories we have gathered so far, our people have paid from Kshs. 500 to Kshs.2,000 000. The latter having paid only a month ago. Let us join and compile this report – we shall not use real names, unless you want us to. You may also write your story down, and email it to us.

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