Chris Abani on humanity and the sometimes lack of it

I was at an arts festival in Gratz Austria over the past weekend. The part of the event I attended was called “Real Energy World” and the theme was the Niger Delta. The whole of the first day passed without a single mention of women. Thank god for the final event of the day, Sandy Cioffi’s film Sweet Crude otherwise we would have all left imagining women did not exist in the Niger Delta. The invisibility of women then became the center of discussion. Fortunately the next day, I and photographer George Osodi had a great deal to say about the strength of the women in the Niger Delta – not activists, not professionals but everyday ordinary extraordinary women. In this video Nigerian writer Chris Abani talks about humanity – those big and small gestures of love often from strangers which tell us we are human. But as he says –

despite the horror despite the death women are never really counted, their humanity never seems to matter very much to us –

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