Outrageous Sara Baartman ornaments on sale

Nearly 200 years has passed and 16 years after the end of Apartheid South Africa and still the exploitation of Sara Baartman continues. And where is this taking place? In a shop in Johannesburg were china ornaments of Sara Baartman’s body are on sale amongst household wares and “colonial throw-back domestic workers uniforms. This vile and outrageous act must be stopped. The creators, producers and shops selling these products must be challenged and stopped.

I dont have the name of the shop nor the link at present but as soon as I do I will post them and ask people to contact the shop to stop them from being sold.

Sokari Ekine
If anyone wishes to pursue this I believe the shop in question is”

The Space
Rosebank Mall, Rosebank Mall… See More
Oxford Road
011 327 3640


Thanks Gabrielle Le Roux for bringing this to our attention.

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