Sustainable Linking

I made this decision some time ago that whenever I needed to link to a news story I would first search African online sources and only use western media when there was no alternative. Sometimes I forget and need to remind myself but its working slowly.     I found this post on :Sustainable Linking [VIA FlipFloppingJoy]   so instead of linking to Amazon for books you discuss why not try Indie Bound which can take you to a local bookstore [US only right now but this could be replicated in your own country / region].  Maybe we can start to revive local book shops and forget the coffee and munches and instead sit on the floor and read – I just found 12 in my local area which should keep me busy.  I remember many a Saturday afternoons spent in  my favorite London book shop, Compendium on Camden High Street before Amazon and corporate bookshops finished off the small personal independent stores.  I guess I am a book shop snob but I  intensely dislike the Borders, Waterstones and Barnes & Nobles of this world.  Indie Bound is also a kind of social networking of  readers – not sure that we need yet another social network but……

Bloggers and bookstores are often kindred spirits, but many bloggers link to the Amazon page for books they discuss in their posts. IndieBound recently added a book-linking feature that provides a user-friendly alternative: bloggers can link to book information and cover art on IndieBound, and users who follow the link and want to purchase the book can enter their zip code to find it at a local store.

The bookseller/blogger Bookavore is on a mission to rally her fellow bloggers in support of independent bookstores. “I’d like to encourage as many people as possible to, when using a link that is about a book, link to IndieBound,” she writes in a recent post. “I’m not asking anyone to stop linking anywhere, just to start linking to IndieBound as well (although, of course, I won’t stop anybody who decides to exclusively link to IndieBound; in fact, I might kiss them).”

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