Racist World Cup Ad by German car rental SIXT: No Waving Flags

The above advert was sent to me by a friend from Germany which she explains as follows

It is playing various eurocentric, afro-pessimism clichés in relation to the coming Ghana/Germany soccer play.

Showing a white Mercedes Benz in confrontation with an old, rusty truck, overloaded with black people and cargo, this advert is visually playing with typical anti-immigration images such as  “the boat is full” and it repeats the stereotype  of a chaotic, poverty ridden continent. This is reinforced by it’s slogan (literally translated): “The SIXT World Cup Tip: Ghana — it could become narrow. 50% solace-reduction for Ghanaians if Germany wins”

The Afro-German media watch group “der braune mob”http://www.derbraunemob.info calls on all to comment in their blog http://www.blog.derbraunemob.info so please do not forget to also share your comments with them so they have full documentation and to pass this message on.

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