Two interviews: African sexualities & gay imperialism – Queer activism in Germany & Europe

Below are two interviews me speaking on [African Perspectives] and Jin Haritaworn – on the [Women’s Magazine]. Mine focuses on Africa whilst Jin’s centers on Europe, specifically Germany. What is interesting to me is that listening to both interviews shows the many connections between the two continents – in Europe / Germany racism within the LGBTI community, islamaphobia, anti-immigration / racism and gay imperialism. In Africa the struggle to move beyond the single story towards a more complex and holistic reading of sexualities, the place of religious fundamentalism in driving homophobia and conversely gay imperialism compromising the struggle against homophobia and criminalisation as well as silencing African voices [See statement by African LGBTI activists]

African Perspectives

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Women’s Magazine

Women’s Magazine – July 19, 2010 at 1:00pm

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