The “other / unreported oil spill”

As we all continue to watch the daily reports on the Gulf oil spill, Riz Khan interviews aide to President Jonathan, Oronto Douglas, marine biologist Rick Steiner and Friends of the Earth lawyer, Geert Risema on the Niger Delta oil spills. Oronto states that the Niger Delta is third in priority in Jonathan’s government. This is hard to believe as nothing has yet changed not to speak of the N10 billion being spent on Nigeria’s 50 years of independence celebrations – N10 billion on celebrating failure, $billions of stolen oil money and a destroyed ecology system. I note an absence from the Nigerian media and government in calling for compensation from the oil companies.

Some statistics Just for the record: the US imports 44% of Nigeria’s oil; 6800 oil spills up to 2001 equating to 3 million barrels of oil; 80% + of Nigeria’s revenue comes from oil rents; US private security companies operate in the Niger Delta with the permission of the Nigeria Federal and State governments; Shell has just be ordered to pay out N15.4 billion in punitive damages [note this is N5 billion more than the 10 being spent on Independence celebrations! ]

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