links for 2011-06-25

  • I’m sick of gay men harassing trans people. It’s not for us to tell trans person’s what their sexual orientation is.So many hateful and ignorant people hide behind “it’s just an opinion.” It’s not just an opinion. It’s someone’s life at stake! Transphobia is not cool. Not from gay men with trans friends. Not from trans people. Not from anyone!It’s funny how a person claims to not be transphobic BUT they “just” know that when trans women have sex with straight men it’s “gay.” Saying “I have a trans friend,” “My best friend is trans and they don’t care,” “I’m just giving my opinion” does not justify transphobia.
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  • I hope Apple has the guts and good sense never to deploy this technology, and instead uses the patent to prevent it being implemented by others. Yeah, right! If it were Google, that might be more than a vain hope…When we look back on the history of media in our era, we will see how, bit by bit, we gutted one of the engines of democracy in the interest of protecting and enlarging media industry profits. A very poor trade indeed.