Saraba 10 – The Music Issue

The year has ended monumentally for us, over here at Saraba Magazine. Our final issue themes on music:

Here at Saraba, music has been a perpetual ache, a constant obsession, so we are as confounded as you are that it took this long to rest our oars on these stringed sheets that stretches memory and touches eternity gingerly.

We like to start on the precipice of controversy, the shoulders of Chris Abani. We like to start where he ended his brilliant essay, “Lagos: A Pilgrimage of Notations’’: “listening to Fela Kuti on my iPod…I am listening to Lagos with my eyes closed.” Listening to music is an intimate process, enjoyed like a polite kiss with closed eyelids. But we need you, dear reader, to open your eyes to savour Saraba’s latest oeuvre.

On some counts, music is the gateway to memory; it carries an enabling pouch that sets up memory’s threshold quite easily; in essence, it is easier to recognize an event with its accompanying music, an era by its dominant musical genre, a generation by her musical interests.

Hence it becomes important to enjoy Akinlabi’s Naming Hip-pop and Recalling Abati’s Debate, a rather eloquent rejoinder and miniature treatise on the Yahooze Generation’s supposed identity crisis. Lore Adebola’s potent argument grafted on Einstein’s thoughts situates music in the exact middle of Arts and Science and perturbs a century old discourse. We find a masterly poet ploughing his voice in A Poet’s Thoughts, a lyrical dissection of sub-urban reflections, the voice remarkably resonating an Elliot-sque tendency. Dikeogu Chukwumerije’s poetic interpretation of music is familiarly true, dilating the tucked-in recesses from where the gratitude for music outpours from.

In the end, one is left with one thing: to recourse back to music, to enjoy it more intimately, to participate in the creation of its notes, to anticipate that favourite riff or thump or string, to listen for that avalanche of tune in which memory is crested, with your eyes closed.

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