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  • While in retrospect, the films of the Blaxploitation era provided us with many cringe-worthy moments, they did contribute two things that can be viewed as positive. Black actors got work. And it was abundantly clear not only that Black was beautiful, but it was damn sexy to boot!Many a curious adolescent snuck into a screening at the multiplex from some G rated fare next door, and the more daring braved a trip in the trunk of the car, to enjoy the experience at the drive-in (remember those?)

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  • Interesting article on the online / print debate of academic journals”So do people really prefer their book review to appear several months down the line, in a print outlet that is not accessible to everyone? Do they want their incisive and up-to-date commentary on contemporary events to be available, open-access, tomorrow, or do they want it to go through a production process and appear in print some time down the line? Do they want this work, where there is a choice, to be available world-wide, to people in institutions that don’t have access to subscriptions, or who are not affiliated to institutions at all?”

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