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  • Thoughts on Queer Space and IDAHOT 2012 | Kenne’s Blog On this last bit, I would like to explain how, for me, this concept of queer space unfolded itself in the event. With all the people I talked to, drank with, laughed with and chatted up, I felt a sense of pleasantness that is hard for queers to find in this country. We are sometimes very lonely, without friends we can talk to or people who know about what we go through and though we may have sex sometimes, there is always a yearning to occupy a public (or is it counterpublic?). That is why coming out is so valued within the LGB community though it is merely a marginal event informed by other superseding ones which are not as visible*. tags: queer IDAHO Kenya
  • Peta for Prez: A Black Feminist Socialist Presidential Candidate Speaks! | The Feminist Wire So I was thrilled to get to talk to real life Black feminist socialist 2012 presidential candidate Peta Linsday!   In the midst of her historic campaign as the Party for Socialism and Liberation’s presidential candidate, through which she is raising issues that the representatives of the dominant parties don’t even dream about, Peta Lindsay shared with me about her influences in the context of Black feminism and the crucial difference between seeking representation from political candidates and reclaiming the power to fight back within our own oppressed communities. tags: feminist socialist Black_feminism
  • Tumbling Africa: The Diaspora tumbles away In the meanwhile, young Africans, both at home and abroad, continue to ‘tumble’ away and network in a space that allows them to spread and discuss their own visions of Africa. Perhaps the networks formed on the social networking website could lead to collaborations between wide ranges of young Africans who, through a shared vision, can transform Africa tags: bloggers Tumblr
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