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Rom Isichei


Today, while working with my new boss Victor Ehikhamenor, I stumbled on an amazing Nigerian visual artist, Rom Isichei.

Accoridng to his website, he was born in Asaba, Delta state, Nigeria, on the 8th of September, 1966. Between 1984—1989, he was a student of Yaba college of technology, Lagos, where he obtained both ordinary and higher national diploma in fine arts, (specialising in painting). Seven years after graduation, Rom criss-crossed three advertising agencies in various management positions before finally channelling his energy into full time studio work since 1997. He has exhibited widely, both within and outside Nigeria. He lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria.

He was recently involved in a Chelsea College of Art and Design exhibition. Reading his artist statement for the exhibition, I picked the following, quoting him directly in most cases:

  1. I develop new ways to expound my visual viewpoints.
  2. The human form inspires me
  3. I probe the synthesis of human actions in close proximity to their immediate milieu.
  4. I engage my audience in an intimate dialogue
  5. My styles and themes has always been elastic and organic
  6. I reconstruct found objects layered with absurdities and myth into new conceptual realities, and a visual language that resonates with the style of the avant-garde.
  7. My Art are my self-portraits, frozen in time.

You can view some of his work on his website.

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