Motswana – [ Redefining Botswana]

[Redefining] Motswana – Donald Molosi’s second ‘one man play’ written, performed and directed by Donald.

Motswana simply means “citizen of Botswana.” The Republic of Botswana is one of Africa’s wealthiest countries. This intimate multilingual show satirically questions who exactly can confidently claim to be a Motswana? What unexpected revelations spring up once we acknowledge that African borders were drawn as a fiction fabricated to serve European greed? Is “Motswana” perhaps a misnomer given the migratory nature of African peoples before borders? Join Motswana acting star Donald Molosi in this eye-opening, eye-popping humorous African story barely heard before. Travel with Donald to Botswana through this piece and come back mesmerized, entertained, inspired and touched. (Best Performer, Dialogue ONE Festival 2008. Best Short Solo, United Solo 2011).