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  • Inspired by the freedom struggles of Caribbean people through the centuries, as exemplified by the Haitian Revolution; 1804CaribVoices gives expression to the myriad voices calling for a united and sovereign Caribbean, social justice, responsible governance and sustainable living in our region.  It is initiated as a web forum with participation  from across the Pan-Caribbean space; and will promote information exchange and collaborative activity among organisations and individuals sharing these objectives. Through this means it aims to fertilise the development of a collective Caribbean consciousness that is rooted in our rich history of resistance and creativity; transcending regional differences of language, ethnicity and political status; and supporting the emergence of a united community of Caribbean nations charting its way in the world.

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  • Up the road from Durban, in Pietermaritzburg, 90 positions were advertised for trainee traffic officers. Around 34 000 people applied for the 90 positions. They were divided into two groups and the first group were told to show up at the local stadium on Thursday and the second on Friday. When the first group of 15 600 arrived on Thursday, some having woken very early and traveled hundreds of kilometers in the burning heat to get there, they were informed that they needed to perform a fitness test which took the form of a 4 km run. At least some, and possibly all of the participants in this sadistic recruitment process were not given any proper explanation of what to expect before they set off for the day. They were not given any water. No medical care was provided.

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  • As thousands made their resolutions for 2013, main stream Churches and evangelical preachers have asked Parliament to urgently pass the Anti-Gay Bill, to avert the recruitment of youngsters to adopt the same-sex behaviour.

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  • Ours has been a long struggle. It started, 510 years ago in 1503 when the first kidnapped African captives set chained foot on what is now known as Haitian soil.

    Back on Jan. 1, 1804, European/U.S. barbarity and savagery received its greatest blow in the Western Hemisphere. We continue to face their guns, greed, foreign germs and odious cruelties. But we also continue to celebrate our victories, humanity and determination never to be as shallow and violent as these enemies. Haitians have been stigmatized and forced to pay with their lives and freedom for that achievement ever since.

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