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  • Foreigners always bring death to Haiti. United Nations soldiers acting as enforcers of American, French and Canadian rule brought cholera to the country, killing more than 6,000 and sickening half a million. Yet, the galaxy of NGOs that also descended on Haiti have done been remarkably ineffective. “Cuban medical aid to Haiti has been vastly more successful than aid from NGOs.” The Cubans counsel hygiene and prevention of cholera, while the NGOs are force-feeding the people questionable vaccines

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  • There you go folks. They’ve come right out and actually told us the truth of the matter and very clearly. What else is there to know? HLLN has been saying the UN is killing Haitians for the coup detat powers and the ruling international community as a matter of policy and politics in Haiti since 2004, no? (See, also, Aljazeera Video — Haiti: Victimising the victims?; UN Capitalizing on Cholera: playing arsonists and firemen ; U.N. Says it Will Not Pay Compensation for Haiti’s Cholera Victims.)

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