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  • On this Labor Day weekend, I challenge those who are going or have already gone back to school this year to look around and notice what’s happening with assistant professors on your campus. Do you have data or observations that comport with what we’ve noted at QTU? How do you think your junior profs are doing these days? What great ideas do you have for supporting the up-and-coming without making them feel that they are being infantilized or surveilled?

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  • Imagination
    One must imagine an image before, as, and after it comes into being. To imagine is to permit oneself to experience surprise. To say, “that is not what I had imagined; that is more.” To imagine is to learn and unlearn what images are, what they do, what they enable. It is to surrender to the image. To straddle image-making and image-surrender. The image-maker surrenders to an encounter with surprise, delight, disappointment, failure. One says, “this is not what I had intended.”

    Image-making is a lesson in un-intending. The accident. The coincidence. The perhaps, the maybe, the if.

    One slides in and along the imagination. One learns to anticipate surprise.

    And, sometimes, the light changes.

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  • “Unakuwanga na madharau sana, Boss”
    My eyes vacillate between his blood-shot eyes
    and the club faltering in his hand
    There is an immense air of indecisiveness,
    my eyes and his club need to act, almost immediately
    I could give him an all-knowing look then a few words of calling out
    All at the risk of having this club decide on a plan of action

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  • In the shadow of our deaths We carry life with grace And when the shadow dies We are dead to our own deaths #WestgateMall For #KofiAwoonor

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