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  • We are excited to share this interview of Nandita Sharma and Jessica Yee by Robyn Maynard on sex work, migration, and their critical analysis of the recent push for anti-trafficking legislation.

    Maynard interviewed Sharma and Yee in February 2010 for No One Is Illegal Radio’s edition “Sex Work, Migration, and Anti-Trafficking” in February 2010. Edited excerpts of that interview were published in Upping the Anti #10, then reprinted on the Briarpatch Magazine blog, and we are re-publishing those excerpts with permission. – Editors /Via @ShailjaPatel – The New Inquiry

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  • This summer I’m going to be writing a series for Bitch Magazine’s blog called Murder, She Blogged, about representations of detectives, police work and crime in popular culture.

    My first post is about Mrs Columbo, who had her own TV show. Lots of people hate it!

    Columbo was the late, great Peter Falk’s most well-known role. We knew him by his rumpled coat, his preternatural ability to hone in on the killer within seconds, and his catchphrase, “Just one more thing…” And, of course, the references to one of the most enduring, if offscreen characters: the mysterious figure of Mrs. Columbo.

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  • On September 23, 2013, the Constitutional Court of the Dominican Republic ruled that the children of “irregular” migrants born in the Dominican Republic after June 21st, 1929 would be stripped of their Dominican citizenship. The ruling – which could render 250,000 Dominicans of Haitian descent stateless – came as a result of a challenge by Juliana Deguis Pierre against the Dominican Electoral Board. The Electoral Board refused to issue Pierre an identification card. They argued that although she was born in the “national territory,” because she was the daughter of migrants in transit she did not have the right to Dominican citizenship. They based their ruling on article 11.1 of the Dominican Constitution of November 29, 1966 which held sway when Pierre was born.

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  • Trapped between the separation barrier and the Green Line, Palestinians living in the ‘Seam Zone’ are forced to reckon with a Kafkaesque permit regime that appears designed to do one thing and one thing only: make them give up and leave.

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  • Our Le Couleurs gallery has original paintings from well known and emerging artists in Haiti, as well as crafts from Haitian artisans for purchase. We are also pleased to announce that PROCEEDS FROM ALL ART SALES will be donated to humanitarian causes in Haiti, such as locally based groups like Haiti Help Med Plus, and many other aid organizations.

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  • The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) is making it clear how important comprehensive immigration reform is for undocumented transgender people in particular. Although the government shutdown continues, House Democrats revealed a bill last week that they hope to get through a vote this legislative term—and NCTE is now backing it.

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