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  • The décret-loi against “superstitious practices” technically criminalized the practice of Vodou in Haiti until its abrogation by Article 297 of the Constitution of 1987. If with the recent abrogation of Article 297 the law against ‘superstitious practices’ can once again be enforced against Vodou practitioners and anyone else, that is very alarming. This law was the authorizing legal basis for the Catholic Church’s ‘antisuperstition campaign’ against the practice of Vodou in the early 1940s and remained a check on religious freedom in Haiti, subject to arbitrary local enforcement, for years thereafter.

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  • Note from BW of Brazil: On the eve of the beginning of the 2013 edition of the annual Mês da Consciência Negra (Month of Black Consciousness), 22 black women have come together to release an anthology of contemporary literature. After the controversy surrounding the selection of one black writer out of seventy Brazilians representing the country in the prestigious Frankfurt Book Fair, this collection provides a welcome outlet for the literary expression of this ignored contingent of authors. As BW of Brazil has continuously reported, the contributions, recognition and arguably the apparent inexistence of black women are consistently displayed in many genres of Brazilian society including journalism, television, print media, modeling runways and literature itself. To combat this blatant exclusion, black women are increasingly “doing for self”, taking matters into their own hands and bringing visibility to this important demographic of the Brazilian population in areas such as fashion design, print media and entrepreneurship. Great to see this! As the old saying goes, “if you want something done (right), you gotta do it yourself!”

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  • It is March. Anene Booysen is mutilated, murdered and raped. We are shamed into action, shaken by the brutality of the crime. We imagine our own seventeen year olds and we pray that her soul rests in peace.

    It is October. Zandile and Yonelisa are murdered in communal toilets in Diepsloot. We think about our own babies, fat and brown swaying precariously on newly found feet. We wonder what their mothers would have felt. We want to weep.We are outraged.

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  • Last week, Brittney Cooper, a professor at Rutgers University and contributor to, spoke on a panel at the Brecht Forum in Brooklyn, New York, on the concepts of “ally, privilege, and comrade” when building coalition across social justice movements. By her account of what happened during this discussion, the theme of the evening was completely undermined. At the Crunk Feminist Collective blog, she writes:

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