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  • It has been said that artistry in Africa is an intrinsic part of life rather than a commercial or careerist enterprise. I’d say that this notion is not only applicable to African art, all across the world art has explored the sensitivities of life and the social environment.

    However, it is in this process of examining life and society through art, that African women artists are prone to, wittingly or unwittingly, explore concepts of feminism.

  • Slavery in Brazil lasted for 300 years, and it imported some 4 million Africans to the country. These images were taken during the waning days of slavery and Brazil’s monarchy. Many were commissioned by the state in an attempt to show slavery in a better light.

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  • For a while now we’ve been toying with the idea of starting a Tumblr called ”Shit The Nigerian Elite Wastes Nigeria’s Money On.”

    Since the country’s vast piles of cash are certainly not being spent on decent public health or education, improving the woeful national power supply or preventing planes from falling out of the sky, the super-rich in Nigeria have got to spend it on something.

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  • The difference between riots and protests has more to do with who and where than what

    TNI Vol. 22: Self-Help is out now. Subscribe now for $2 and get yours today.As thousands in Khartoum, Sudan, and surrounding areas took the streets at the end of September and Twitter blew up under the hashtag #SudanRevolts, I waited patiently for Western media to catch up.

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  • In her short story collections Is It Sexual Harassment Yet? and Former Virgin, Cris Mazza asks complex questions about sex, gender, and power. The recent volume Men Undressed: Women Writers on the Male Sexual Experience, which she co-edited, flips the usual script of men writing women’s sexuality to ask questions about not only sex, gender, and power, but also representation and control. So the subject of Mazza’s new memoir, Something Wrong With Her, may come as a surprise. In it, Mazza turns the line of inquiry on herself, exposing a secret that will likely be shocking to those who know her work: throughout her adult life, she has struggled with anorgasmic sexual dysfunction.

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  • Malcolm X diligently kept a diary during the last year of his life as he broke away from the Nation of Islam and traveled throughout Africa and the Middle East. Now, decades after his death, those intimate thoughts will be made public in a book that’s slated for release this Thursday, November 14, 2013.

    The Diary of Malcolm X will be published by Chicago-based Third World Press and will be co-edited by one of the slain activist’s daughters, Ilyasah Shabazz.

    “It’s really beautiful that we get to see Malcolm in his own voice — without scholars, historians, or observers saying what he was thinking or what he was doing or what he meant,” Shabazz says in a video released by the publisher.

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  • Images, photos and pictures telling the story, challenges, successes, important dates, persons, and lived realities of Kenya’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community. Photos/images/pictures are sourced from individuals, media outlets, platforms and other avenues.

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  • Some fear making photos of complete strangers, what are your tips to not fear?

    I think there are several levels of fear: Many are simply afraid to approach strangers and make contact. I myself am very shy. And I’m an introvert. I don’t usually get a high from wanting to reach out to other people. But my desire to get “in” on someone’s story is bigger than my aversion to strangers and usually ends up winning. On another level, there’s the constant fear of rejection, which has to do more with you, not the stranger. Finally, there’s the fear of making oneself vulnerable, especially if you’re seeking to engage people in ways similar to mine.

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