Exhibitions, Events

Permanent Exhibition:   “Persistence of Blackness” © @ Private Gallery, Broadmoor, New Orleans. Please  contact for private viewings

December 2018:  PhotoNola 2018.  New Orleans annual city wide celebration of photography.

December 2018: Welcome to the AfroFuture,  a fresh take on Art Basel at the  The Urban, Miami – a three day event in celebration of the historic black neighborhood of Overtown in Miami

October 2018: Loa: Spiritual Family.  Ashé Power House.   “Sosyete Les Myseteres Reviennent – a tout mistè”

September 2018: Altar: Prayer, Ritual, Offerings.  MFON: Women Photographers of the African Diaspora at PhotoVille 2018.   “Serge Mouri” from the series “Ways of Dying” and “Wudu” from the Takasa series.

December 2017 :  Pioneers to a WE Future.  Ashé  Cultural Arts Center, PhotoNolo 2017 

March 2017: Mirror, Mirror: Black Box Gallery, Portland, Oregon..  “Spirit Dog” from the series “Spirit Desire

January 2017: Contemporary African Spirituality: Calabar Gallery, Harlem, New York.  ‘Spirit Desire: Resistance, Imagination and Sacred Memories’ in Haitian Vodoun’.  Contemporary African Spirituality envisions what cultural practices have been mixed, juxtaposed and collided in practices that are African and Modern. [Ends April 25th]

November 2016: Artistic Intimacies – a Salon. Private gallery viewing, Brooklyn New York “The Persistence of Blackness”

November 2016: Black Portraiture[s] III: The African Influence, Johannesburg, South Africa. Panel presentation “SPIRIT DESIRE: Black Diasporic Bodies, Imagination, and the Peripheries of Space,” proposes an interrogation of overlapping concerns with black bodies as portraits framing textual and visual narratives, queer embodiment, and “space” as an axis of the real and the imaginary. Award-winning writer and artist, Alexis De Veaux, will “interrogate the idea of “spirit desire” in images of Haitian vodoun practitioners made by Sokari Ekine”. Black Portraitures now in its seventh year, is the premier event that centers on ‘Black Bodies’ through a forum of activists, artists, and scholars from around the world.

October 20164th Biennale of Fine Art and Documentary Photography, Berlin, Germany. The BFADP is a huge bi-annual event held in different cities across Europe with over 100 artists from around the world.  ‘Spirit Desire: Resistance, Imagination and Sacred Memories’ in Haitian Vodoun

September 2016: Black Canvas: Reverberations of Freedom, Bahia, Brazil. The Black Canvas is a gathering of painters, photographers, dancers, drummers, curators, djs, writers, poets, chefs, singers, graffiti artists and storytellers from the continent and the diaspora. The artists will present and exhibit their work during the week of the Black Feminisms Forum [BFF] and Association of Women in Development [AWID] international event to be attended by 300 Black feminists and international activists from across the world.  ‘Spirit Desire: Resistance, Imagination and Sacred Memories’ in Haitian Vodoun.

May, 2016: Black Diaspora, Digital Display, The McKenna Museum of African American Art, New Orleans, USA. An online exhibition showcasing seven Black artists over 7 weeks. ‘Spirit Desire: Resistance, Imagination and Sacred Memories’ in Haitian Vodoun.

September, 2014:  Manifest Destiny, at the Little Haiti Cultural Center, Miami, Florida.  “Fatimah and the Erosion of River Grise, Haiti